Like Boss Girls Do!

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Well Hello World! Welcome to The Boss Chic Files, dedicated to all of the baddest, flyest, dopest boss chics out there. For those that don’t know (get with it if you don’t), boss chics are on a whole different level than the rest. They carry themselves like they can’t be touched, they whip their hair, they dress impeccably from head to toe, and they have a high self respect for themselves. See every woman THINKS she is a boss chic but we all know that’s not even the case. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen many women who are fierce, dress nice, and yeah they have the look on point but what about the attitude? That’s where half the chics that THINK they got it are wrong. Every woman needs to understand that the attitude is really what makes you. It’s about being humble with it and giving credit to the next chic instead of tearing her down.!! With that said women also fail to realize that you need to be about your business at all times. If you’re on your grind and focused on your come up, you won’t have time to wait for someone else’s downfall. 
I decided to start this blog to bring something different to the table that everyone can relate to. I plan on posting about different things such as relationships, life, friendships, music, fashion, and beauty etc. You can expect tips on fashion and beauty, fashionable looks for less, relationship and life advice, and music posts with new music from different artist. From time to time, I’ll get some of my girls to post as well so be on the lookout for more. I’m hoping to expand this one day, but for now I’m just writing for fun. Enjoy, refer a friend, and refrain from any negativity. Thanks!!
Lesson of the Day: If you’re good at what you do, don’t get mad when she is too… Get better. #POW!

5 thoughts on “Like Boss Girls Do!

  1. I love this BLOG.. i can already tell it is on its way to the top at being inspirational, and motivational! Qualities of BOSS GIRLS! I can't wait to read whats coming up next.. and even contribute my own sass of BOSSINESS!! Until then.. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT.. no half-stepping, no under-doing it! I can see you're good at what you do, I ain't mad! There are ppl in this world who watch things happen.. and there are those who MAKE things happen.."LIKE BOSS GIRLS DO"~BossyA 🙂


  2. What some of thes females fail to recognize is that yu dont have to be the baddest on the scene. Its all about yur mentality ladies! If Yu on your grind, doin better than the next chick who makez herself seem like a badd chick then Yu are proving your point. All the superficial sterotypical trends we tend to fall for and follow is not what its all about. And stop hatin' on other women! There is not gratification in degrading another women based on what yu judge as a downfall. The better thing to do is recognize the realness of another laydee if Yu happen to come in contact with one. "Real recognize Real". You have to know Yu, before Yu can know, or comment on another person.Yur outter image doesn't define yu, it compliments Yu.. whether your trendy, classy, simple or "hood-rich". Let your attitude compliment your image and your image compliment your lifestyle. Shanta I believe this Blog is going to blow up for Yu in the long run.. Great Idea from an amazing girl!


  3. Thank you!! And I agree with everything you said. We as ladies tend to get so involved with our outter image that we forget about what's inside. We are so quick to tear down other women to build ourselves up. And we do it to everyone, celebrities, regular people, even people we love. It has to stop! Then we wonder why men put us down.. You have to respect yourself to respect others. The ones that are quick to judge others are the ones that have low self esteem and a low self respect.


  4. Finally I'm able to make my comment on this wonderful blog =) … Being a boss chick isn't just about beauty…..because a boss chick with a ugly attitude is nothing just like you states. A boss chick keeps her head no matter what and a boss chick should also never hate on any female just give props where props are due… I'm looking forward to your future post and I can't wait to add my 2cents lls *signed* BossLadiT


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