But Now… And No Longer

I went to church yesterday ..LATE..because I am a late person.. *Glad some of you Don't KNOW ME!* lol.. But I still heard the end of the word.  By the way, if you want to know where I went let me take the moment to ADVERTISE : Pastor Lance Watson.. www.myspbc.org Creighton Rd, Richmond, Va.  Anyway.. I caught the end of the message, and boy was he on fire.  The message came from a bible story that had these words in it. But now; No Longer.  I don't even know where it came from, that's how important those words were for me.  You can be on the top of the world, and life will throw you a curve ball and knock you right to the bottom. If you are fearful, and weak it can discourage you from EVER believing in a better way. But if you ask, you shall receive.  Trouble will not remain in your life always.  I believe that. If that's you, be willing to say THIS is my STORY.. BUT NOW, NO LONGER will I dwell in unhappiness and adverse circumstances.  Case and Point:

Carry On –>


3 thoughts on “But Now… And No Longer

  1. I love this post because Im a firm believer in trials and tribulations! I feel like this is his moment let him OWN it..I really hope he is surrounding himself with people that are going to lift him higher!Elise


  2. I agree.. I am all about giving people second chances. And it's not like she is actually contributing anything to his come up, so why is she mad? I hate when people try to block other's blessings. That's like saying you deserve to be blessed regardless of any screw ups you have, but because you have more than the other person you look down on them and don't want to see them succeed. Our society has to do better!


  3. Shants I hope I didnt jinx Mr. Williams..MTO reported that he was in an altercation with a lady in his hotel room..yikes! I mean Mediatakeout was never a credited source..so I just hope that this story was fabricated! -Elise


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