Positive Mondays

Once again another Monday is upon us. Here is your chance to inspire or be inspired. Positive Mondays is about empowering and uplifting each other on what can be the most frustrating, hectic day of the week! Please feel free to share experiences on how you encountered a positive experience today. It could be something you did or said to someone or vice versa; a quote, song, or thought that incorporates positivity! And remember to put on your shades to block out all negativity today! #positivemondays

Quote of the Day: Positivity brings forth productivity..its a MOVEMENT!

*throws on shades* – LaBellaBoss <3

5 thoughts on “Positive Mondays

  1. I have so many positive experiences to share today! First.. I want to say that I have an amazing little sister. This is what she wrote: Life is not a game so don't play around with it , life is too short to be acting crazy . . . youu have a road thats leading your future follow it so you can make something out of your life i look around and people have good pathways and i turn around and the pathway over keep looking on the road and maybe you will go somewhere ! My ma…in point is keepy your eyes open &'d your dream will come true.-Bridgette This really gave me strength to keep focused on what it is I want to accomplish in life. I love my little sister!


  2. Also, this weekend my Aunt blessed me with the money i needed to FINIS(yes, finish) my education, and not only that.. my boyfriends family came up and showered us with unconditional love. They surprised us with groceries,and a very expensive dinner that we could afford, but they just felt that they wanted to bless us! A blessing it was! You Get What you pUt OUT! Seed to your NEED! we are always helping other people and it came back! Im so full of positive energy today!


  3. Song: Listen to 365 Heavy Grind Entertainment.. especially track #21. One Word: BOSS! These guys are LOYAL to each other as friends ..more like BROTHERS.. and are dedicated! Alright 365.. we see ya.. "Its a Heavy Grind"… BOSS! Stay Positive and watch the outcome!


  4. God is Amazing.. He HEALED a woman who was BRAIN DEAD LAST WEEK! Can you even FATHOM THAT!? HE IS A HEALER!! That makes me so POSITIVE.. so INSURED that he can DO ANYTHING IN HIS WILL THAT I ASK!! POSITIVE MONDAYS!! I only see the top!


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