The Game: The Wing King Episode 3

First of all, I live for Tuesdays at 10 PM!! Am I the only person who really enjoyed this episode of The Game? I felt like it involved way more humor than the past two… I LOL'd on more than one occasion! Let me start off by saying I am SO HAPPY Jazz is back!! Omg that's my girl! Her and Javon are hilarious! I also really like Ericka from the Sunbeams and her million and ten accessories lol. The little characters help make the show to me!

Carry On –>


11 thoughts on “The Game: The Wing King Episode 3

  1. I tend to be as judgemental as Mel in this episode…I know…its awful BUT Im being honest. But I absolutely loved the way Jaz handled Mel. It was necessary. NO1 is PERFECT, not even MEL or Me!! LOL! I pretty much agree with everything BOSS but I still love Malik…I believe in ppl like him. (Always Fall For Ur Type) LOL


  2. LOL Melanie had that coming to her! Jazz does not play! Jazz adds spark to the show… and Malik, I still like him but I'm mad with him right now. I think he will come back around sooner than later though. I remember Tia Mowry saying on Wendy Williams that she thought Malik's character would be the most shocking this season. So far I agree!


  3. This weeks show was somewhat wack. But I'm not giving up on them just yet. I'm so glad Jazz put Mel n her place. Yes Jazz may be ghetto but Mel should not have treated her any different than anyone else…I MISSED JASON! #dipndpits


  4. First off, Malik is overrated !! Im not sure how I feel about him this season. He need to get it together ASAP! I like how Jazz put Mel in her place, she need to stop tryin to knock that girls hustle! Who cares how she got to the top, as long as she got there !! But I didnt like how Jazz had her a$$ all up in Derwin face, I mean really! ?.. I thought this week episode was OK! Nothing spectacular , but I am still a GAME fan and cant wait to see what's going down next week!


  5. I liked this weeks show, as always im a GAME fanatic -I love Derwin ….(batting my eyes) even though he was basically enjoy Jazz's rumpshaker in his face— but anywho – malik…smh..he better get it together – i got a feeling he getting ready to have a real wake up call- he's just tooooo extra now…


  6. I love Derwin's personality! Corny and all lmao.. Malik is definitely gonna get his, does anyone else feel like he's turning into an alcoholic? I'm anxious to see if he's gonna change his ways or if he's gonna get worse. Can't wait till next week!


  7. I would defintiely be like Mel in the judgemental department. I know its not right, but nothing irks me more than little fast tail girls, and grown fast tail women, encouraging fast tail girls to be fast tail girls. Point blank, she is not the ideal role model. That doesn't mean treat her with disgust, but it would irritate me if I knew my husband slept with her and now the kids idolize her! I hope T.T. and malik get it together because I love them as Homies!! I cant deal with the tension.. it makes me sad! I cant wait til next week and I need Kelly and Jason to make it work like yesterday! GLAD I HAVENT SEEN THE NEW BRIT BRAT! lol.. and PLEASE.. dont give up on the game. I agree with LaBellaBoss.. there arent that many good shows to choose from.. from black people.. and we still can relate to the sitcom.. shoot.. thats how most of us live our lives.. ALL OVER THE PLACE.. so just be patient! GOOD REVIEW !


  8. good show it was real funny… I liked how they brought the comedy back (a lot) but still showed where they are trying to go with this season.. Giving the supporting cast more of a bigger role especially with TT and how he isnt just throwing one liners like the previous seasons.. i can't wait to see how malik ends up because he's really unsure of himself for the first time and will he be able to make it through that or is it the end of mr. 40 million dollar man. very compelling and makes me want to watch every tuesday to see how things play out and to read your blog about it also!! It's been well worth the wait of two years in my opinion


  9. Thank you for checking my blog each week to get the review! The Game is my favorite show, I swear I feel like I know the characters personally lol. So I really get into these reviews for the other Game fans out there. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!


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