Throwback Thursday: Mariah Carey

I'm not sure if you've been hiding under rocks, but it came out a few weeks ago that Nick and Mariah are expecting twins! Nick Cannon recently revealed the sex of the babies… a boy AND a girl! How cool is that?! I for one thought their whole relationship was a publicity stunt for the LONGEST! Now I must say that they obviously have a really good relationship, and wish them nothing but the best!
I've been a big Mariah fan since I was a little girl, she gets the utmost respect from me! I love how she's been in this business for so long and she just keeps making hit after hit. I started watching some of her old videos on youtube and had this bright idea to start #ThrowbackThursdays… This week is dedicated to none other than MC herself. Check below for some of my favorites by her. Also feel free to leave any thoughts about the songs, or even share some memories that these songs might take you back to. Enjoy!

Carry On –>


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