Who Would You Have Chosen?

I'm sure you all remember back in 2004 when Teairra Mari first came out with the hit single "Make Her Feel Good". I used to love this song and had high hopes for her, being that she was donned the Princess of the Roc. However, Teairra Mari's music career didn't last very long with Rocafella Records. Why? Some say it was because of miss Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna.
As we all know, Rihanna was also signed with Jay-Z's label. To be honest when Rihanna first came out with "Pon De Reply" I was thinking there was no way on earth this girl is gonna blow up. She was sort of plain like a girl next door, while Teairra Mari was a little more fierce. I'm not sure of the details, but eventually Teairra got dropped from the label and Rihanna went on to become one of the biggest names in the industry. Rihanna is still on top doing her thing, and Teairra Mari is making a come back. RiRi just released her newest video for the single "S & M", and Teairra Mari has a new video out for her single "Body". Below I've included both girls' first video as well as their most recent.

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6 thoughts on “Who Would You Have Chosen?

  1. Boy Rihanna has evolved..maybe if Teairra would have came out more reserved instead of talking about make her feel good she woulda had a longer run…there's no transformation for me..something to what Keri Hilson has goin on now..you know? More sex appeal instead of girl next door…as opposed to coming out with "No daddy" Teairra coulda had a better run. I say all of this to say TEAM Rhi Rhi LOL -Elise


  2. I definitely agree! Teairra Mari had a little fire to her that Rihanna didn't have at first. I'm hoping Teairra Mari can make a comeback. Her music is more R&B whereas Rihanna's has a pop effect to it.


  3. LOL that is true Elise, and for the longest I didn't realize how young Teairra Mari was when she came out with this song.. If you look at her videos now, she's still selling that same sex appeal. I really liked her when she first came out, but Rihanna is my girl! Once she chopped off her hair and developed her idgaf attitude, I've been a fan. And Rihanna exudes sexiness without actually selling sex (if that makes sense) lol


  4. Teairra woulda needed to step out her box and not cater to one particular genre and I think Jay-z saw that in Rihanna that she can go over seas and still be appealing musically..her fan base outside of the U.S. is insane..Sweden Russia etc etc can you imagine "No Daddy" in Russia? LOL


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