The Game.., Men In Crisis

Last night's episode of The Game just may be my favorite one yet this season. I live for the moments with Kelly, Tasha Mack, and Girl Melanie drinking wine and talking sh*t! LOL they are forever tryna play Melanie, and I think it's hilarious because she's so corny. This episode started by Melanie filling the girls in on Derwin and his baby mama drama. She believes that Derwin has been going to court almost every day fighting with Janay about when he can see DJ. Little does she know, Derwin is actually spending his extra time at Janay's home.
The whole time Melanie was being extra supportive for Derwin in his situation with Janay and DJ, he has her thinking that Janay has been taking him back and forth to court for child support and visitation. However he has really been at Janay's every day, swimming in their pool, and cooking on the grill for her and DJ. On top of that he even makes a stop to TT's wing truck to pick up food for Janay. When Javon and TT told him that he was doing more for Janay than necessary, he then told them he was doing the right thing as long as he kept both women happy and he could continue to see his son.

Carry On –>


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