A Day To Remember

First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Mine consisted of work all day followed by watching cartoons with my son, but I enjoyed it nonetheless 🙂 As promised I gave people the opportunity to send me their Valentine's Day stories, so I could post them for my readers. I received four and I must say these ladies are pretty lucky! Check out the stories below…

Story #1:
Since my husband and I were just dating, he has always surrounded me with the nicest, most lavishing gifts. I own diamonds on top of diamonds, pearls, enough to own a jewelry store. As the years have gone on, I've advised him that he has done so much, that now, honestly the simplest things make me smile. With that being said, I still purchased him really nice gifts. Well this morning, I gave him his gifts. He stood there with a confused look, and started apologizing, he stated he forgot Valentine's Day. I was cool, because he does so much. I hear him rambling in the kitchen later, and think nothing of it. He then comes into the living room with the miniature pringles can filled with leaves with "Happy Valentine's Day" written on it. I just laugh Cause He is a clown. I say "thank you" anyway. As I went to set the can down the leaves shifted and i saw something glimmer. I open the can, there is a gorgeous black diamond heart ring. Not too big, yet not just simple either. It carries its weight easily. I cry, because even when I say I want simple, he still goes that extra mile. He has once told me, "you have because you DONT ask… you're no golddigger, a queen that should be treated as such". For that reason alone, I know he is my soulmate. I will ALWAYS love him. ♥

Story 2:
I leave for my lunch break at work everyday around 12. On Valentine’s day I hadn’t talked much to my boo because I thought he was busy doing things for his parents. I called him on my lunch break like I do every other day. He tells me he’s in Eden (about 25 mins away) and about to head home because he was tired. He works 3rd shift so this was nothing new to me. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed because I at least wanted to see him on Valentine’s day. But it wasn’t worth getting mad over. We did spend the entire weekend together. Anyways, I head back to work when my lunch was about over and again, I’m still on the phone with “boo” thinking he was in NC. I pull up to my job and head inside back to my desk as usual. Maybe 2 minutes later, my boss peeks her head around the corner to my office and says “you have a visitor.” With this WTF look on my face I say “who?” And before I could get upset boo comes around the corner with a vase of peach roses (my favorite flower), literally a bunch of balloons, and a card. Completely dumb founded, tears immediately begin to swell up in my eyes. He says “I could have had these delivered. But I couldn’t go all day and not see you. Besides the look you have right is worth it all. Happy Valentine’s day baby.” To some, this may seem like a typical Valentine’s Day. But really, how many people had their flowers hand delivered? This man is special. He’s a good one. And heaven knows I thank God for him EVERYDAY!! ♥

Story #3:
Valentine's Day was great for me this year. Although we aren't physically together today, he left an impression that will always remain. I received a 1/2 karat diamond necklace from Kay Jewelers last week *every kiss begins with Kay* LOL! Friday evening, I was greeted with 2 dozen roses before dinner, Saturday we went to the spa for pedicures, and yesterday we went to lunch before taking our "just because I love you" pictures. Whether it's a holiday or not, I am constantly reminded of how much he loves me. My man is heaven-sent! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE ♥

Story #4:
My boo waited until I got home from doing everything I had to do and there were a half dozen of roses and a balloon and the card said something else was coming… Then there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and there was an edible arrangement being delivered with a card attached. The card read "Happy Vday, love you! Now tis time to get your massage… FULL BODY". After the massage (which was ON POINT) he took me to the mall to get an outfit. Later we went out for dinner. This is far from our first Valentine's Day together, but each year he does something to make sure it's worth my while. I love him for that ♥

Let us know how your Valentine's Day went! If you have a story you'd like to share, feel free to leave it in the comments… I hope everyone had a great holiday whether you had someone to share it with or not!!

-LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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