Didn’t You Know Who I Was?

Last night's episode of The Game titled "Didn't You Know Who I Was" was pretty good, although it wasn't my favorite. It doesn't compare to last week's episode but it had my attention nonetheless. I really wish they could make this into an hour show next season; it's way too much drama to be packed into a thirty minute sitcom!  But here's my synopsis and opinion on the show!
Last night's episode started with Malik in a group meeting in the rehab center where he was staying. The other members of the group were talking with the therapist about their drug addictions, while Malik was being sarcastic and making jokes throughout the whole meeting. There was also a beautiful international model named Jenna there who was having issues with kicking her drug habit. Malik, being the asshole that he is, automatically assumed that this girl would want to get with him just because he's the Sabers quarterback. Malik tries to get with Jenna who made it clear that she is there to receive help for her addiction only, something of which he has no interest. Malik then tells her that he does not have a problem and he's there basically pulling a Tiger Woods number for good PR. Ole girl played the hell outta Malik, shutting down all his advances when he offered to have her featured in King magazine smh. When she left their conversation, the therapist at the rehab center confronted Malik about his drug test coming back positive for opiates. Malik, still in denial, left the rehab center running from his problems as usual.

Carry On –>


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