Positive Mondays!! #JoinTheMovement

Here is another chance to inspire or be inspired!! Positive Mondays is about empowering and uplifting each other on what can be the most frustrating, hectic day of the week! Please feel free to share experiences on how you encountered a positive experience today. It could be something you did or said to someone or vice versa; a quote, song, or thought that incorporates positivity! And remember to put on your shades to block out all negativity today! #positivemondays

Quote of the Day: “Pessimist: A person who says that O is the last letter of ZERO instead of the first letter in OPPORTUNITY.” -anonymous
*throws on shades* – LaBellaBoss <3

One thought on “Positive Mondays!! #JoinTheMovement

  1. My fb friend wrote on her wall that she saw a lady at the gas station.. and something told her that there was something wrong.. and selflessly she helped her get enough gas for her and her kids. Sometimes..we forget how blessed we are..even me and my friends.. we will charge even our family members for gas and what not when we KNOw they are in need.. and GOD is all about love..and service.. something more ppl should be aware of… ~A.BadBoss:)


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