You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

As you all know I love me some Malik El Debarge Wright, so it should be no surprise that I loved this episode! It seems like he finally got his life together (hopefully) and Kelly "Devereux" (a fool lls) finally got her much needed reality check. This episode started off with Jason serving Kelly with papers banning her from mentioning his name on her show. Obviously without being able to use Jason as the subject, her show really has nothing to offer. As a result Kelly is left with the stuck on stupid face!

The next scene shows Malik in his group meeting in rehab. He asks the doctor how many pills between 4 and 20 can he continue to take without being considered an addict. When the doctor tells Malik that his condition has changed from a physical pain to an emotional one, Malik gets angry and storms out yet again. Later, Jenna (the super model) came to keep Malik company and tries to help him figure out his problem. She offers him jelly beans, saying it's her new addiction to substitute the crack. Malik tells her that everyone around him abandoned him and moved on with their lives; therefore, he feels like he was being used all along.

Carry On –>


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