Positive Mondays

Here is another chance to inspire or be inspired!! Positive Mondays is about empowering and uplifting each other on what can be the most frustrating, hectic day of the week! One positive thing that has happened to me recently is selling my car. Not only did I sell my 1991 Honda Accord, but I received a blessing from my grandma who sold me her 2002 Honda Accord for way less than it was worth! So not only did I receive a new car, but one without payments as well. 🙂
Please feel free to share experiences on how you encountered a positive experience today. It could be something you did or said to someone or vice versa; a quote, song, or thought that incorporates positivity! And remember to put on your shades to block out all negativity today! #positivemondays
“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll have positive results.” – Willie Nelson
*throws on shades* – LaBellaBoss <3


3 thoughts on “Positive Mondays

  1. My weekend was positive due to a group of ladies who were constantly telling me how amazing I was, from the way I put my son first to the way I wont let the petty past get to me. They gave me so much positive energy I hated to see them go. When BEAUTIFUL WOMEN lift one another up, its much harder to let PETTY GIRLS pull u down;) Keep the positivity going LaBellaBoss!!!!


  2. As you probably know, I have a son too so I can relate with you when you say it makes you feel good when people tell you that you put him first! You can really tell when women are good mothers. And it's always a great feeling to be surrounded by positive, genuine people! Glad you had a good weekend!


  3. My Mom… secretly paid a bill for me that was over $300…that was so special to me.. because she never does that..and surprisingly. At church, the Pastor told me that I was going to receive an unexpected blessing..and i did!


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