Positive Mondays!

Welp i didn’t have anyone send me any pics for #positivemondays, so I posted my own! Lol! Another Monday has dawned upon us and I must say I am extremely tired today. Mind you it’s snowing in my city (at the end of March O_o) so needless to say I woke up with the Monday blues. However, since today is Positive Monday, I won’t let these minor details rain on my parade.

Positive Mondays is all about seeing the good in the bad and making the best out of every situation. Because it was snowing this morning, my grandma offered to keep my son today so I wouldn’t have to drive across town to his school. So not only did I save gas, but I also got to sleep an extra 30 minutes. To top it all off, she even had breakfast waiting for me this morning. Now tell me that wasn’t a blessing!

Remember to always see your glass as half full rather than half empty. The way you perceive your life can determine if your days will be good or bad. The type of day you have depends on how you handle situations. Create a good day rather than allow outside sources to prevent you from having one.

Quote of the Week: “You dont have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” – Anonymous

LaBellaBoss ❤

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3 thoughts on “Positive Mondays!

  1. Positive Mondays!!!! I am just thankful that God has gave me energy to conquer this day! Something positive going on in my life is LENT season! Me and a couple of people are swapping scriptures in hopes that it will enlighten or encourage us as we try to get through these sacrifices that we have decided to make! This is BIG!! steps to becoming less carnally minded and more spiritually minded! Besides we are on the path to new and higher DIMENSIONS!! 🙂 *throws shades on*


  2. Positive Mondays ! Is the way I look forward to starting a new week! I wake up in the morning and get ready 2 throw on my shades and get all my goals accomplished for the day/week.. .Positive Mondays also keeps me motivated… So throw your shades on…stay focused and let's work * in my ditty voice*


  3. Never really liked Mondays like most ppl but I hav joined the movement and Monday is now positive, uplifting and very FLY;) And anytime u change ur attitude on any situation, the situation somehow changes itself. Im a work in progress but I think I got Mondays covered.


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