The Right To Choose

Did the most take place in the season finale of The Game or did THE MOST take place?? I don't think I'm alone when I say I was disappointed in the way the season ended. I feel like the finale left us all hanging without a clue of where any of the characters stand. For instance, Jenay never even came back in any episodes after confronting Derwin about leading her on. Kelly never came back from her vacation she took, so where does that leave her and Jason?? And when the show ended, the Sabers had taken in a new quarterback so where will Malik fit into the show? So many questions and so little answers!

At the beginning of the episode, Melanie was standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror when she was joined by Derwin. She obviously had something on her mind, but when Derwin asked what was wrong she said nothing. After much pressure, she revealed to him that she was still obsessing over the fact that she wasn't pregnant yet. Derwin told her that she didn't have a reason to worry, but agreed to go see a fertility specialist to make her feel better. Meanwhile the two love birds had a business meeting with Derwin's manager Tasha, who revealed that she would be managing Malik's career again. Once Tasha left, Derwin expressed to Melanie that he didn't want Tasha representing Malik because she would always put Malik's career before his own. Melanie reminded Derwin that Tasha was part of the reason his career advanced so much, but after being persuaded she agreed to talk to Tasha about managing Malik.

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2 thoughts on “The Right To Choose

  1. Excellent post! I must say that I'm glad they left us hanging. That's what season finales do. It makes u want to watch next season. You'll get closure on the Series finale…and we don't want closure lol the way the season started they kinda needed an ending like this to keep our interest sparked.


  2. You did an awesome job recapping the finale and capturing all my feelings about it! First off, I knew Bo was full of shit too.. but I still liked him because he didn't hurt Tasha.. well he cheated on his wife(disgusting) but he taught her things and showed her a good time, and allowed her to let her guard down and live life. He was kinda like an angel in disguise(idk if i should use the word Angel..but u get it lol) Idk how i felt about Derwin and Melanie in the end either because Melanie was WAY out of line for coming off at Tasha.. it was so much wrong with that I can't even fathom it all. *bad move Mel* and Derwin as well. I'm big on Morals and Loyalty, and her and Derwin were definitely changing and becoming more and more selfish by the minutes in this episode. Tsk Tsk! But I agree with you a lot of things were left unanswered..and im ready for the next season yesterday! 🙂


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