Is Chivalry Dead?

Being one who stays up on everything going on in the media (someone else's entertainment is always better than your own lol), I'm always reading other blogs, magazines, watching talk shows or listing to the radio. When the media isn't talking about celebrities, nine times out of ten it's talking about real life situations or relationships. With that being said, when referring to relationships you hear women complaining about the lack of charm from their man more so than praising him for the little things he does. That makes me ask the highly debatable question… Is chivalry dead?

Every lady's dream guy is one that opens doors for her, gives her his coat when she's cold, and protects her when she's in danger right?? Everyone knows that women are basically hopeless romantics who think with their emotions. From day one as little girls we are trained to grow up wanting a Superman husband, kids, and a nice home surrounded by a white picket fence. As for men, they are trained to make money #pointblank. At an early age, they're taught to be strong, never cry, and provide for and protect what is theirs at all times. On that note, women focus more on the little things where men only look at the big picture. If you're happy and they're happy, they probably won't feel the need to go out of their way to do anything extra. They're simple creatures to please if you think about it, it's us women that are the tough ones #letsbehonest.
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One thought on “Is Chivalry Dead?

  1. I think chivalry is dead!! For the most part anyway…women have become accepting of the lack thereof but men still play a major part in its death. Men are becoming more and more dependent on women and women are becoming more ok with it. Instead of going on dates , men are inviting them to their homes now to just "chill" ! Nevermind opening the door for a woman they r sking women to chauffer them around! Nevermind the little things..most women aren't getting any respect. Men step up..if u want a respectabl boss chic on your arm, treat her as so. But if ur dealing w/ the basics and they allow u to treat them with the "basics" lol in order to crush then so be it! But chivalry is sexy and secure for us..well for me 🙂


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