Positive Mondays

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Carter!! ^_^

It's Monday again… Better yet #PositiveMondays!! Man I am so serious when I say I used to hate Mondays. There was a point where I would get sick to my stomach Sunday evening just from knowing that Monday was right around the corner. But now that we have #PositiveMondays rolling, how can you even be mad? You know how you tell yourself that you can do something over and over until you believe it? That's how Positive Mondays work. When you speak a great day into existence, it actually happens believe it or not. Now I'm not saying that your day is gonna be all peachy just because you joined the movement, but it's not the obstacles that determine if your day is good or bad anyway. It is and always has been about your own attitude and how you look at situations that make the difference in a good day and a bad day.  

Carry On –>


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