Either You Do Or You Don’t

I was listening to Power 105's Breakfast Club this morning with Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlemagne the God; they were talking about how Eva Mendes said in an interview that she did not believe in marriage and felt like it was boring. She went on to say that most people don't even marry for the reason that marriage was specified for.. meaning love. The radio hosts went on to talk about how they felt about marriage. Angela Yee agreed that most people she knows did not get married because they were in love. She said it was either because of one person giving the other an ultimatum, she ended up pregnant and they decided to get married, or they feel like they've been together for so long they might as well get married.

Charlemagne, who willingly states how he isn't going to settle down with one woman, said that he felt like marriage was boring as well. He wanted to be able to have as many women as he pleases with no repercussions. On the other hand DJ Envy disagreed and stated that marriage was very important. But his reasoning for his response proved Angela Yee correct… He said that marriage could help you financially. While he agreed that love was important, he said that the financial gain you can encounter in a marriage makes it worthwhile.

I found this discussion funny but interesting because each person had a different response and I felt like their opinions may respresent majority of society as a whole. I personally feel like marriage should be about love first and everything else should fall into place. I do think that people tend to rush into marriage (women especially) trying to live by society's standards that they are supposed to be married with kids by a certain age. A lot of times this will cause us to marry the wrong person, and who wants to go through a messy divorce later down the road?? All I can tell you is to follow your heart and use your head in the process; having the wrong person as your husband or wife can definitely be life altering.

So how do you guys feels about marriage? Are you the type that's rushing to tie the knot, waiting to jump the broom when the time comes, or running from the alter?? Let us know your thoughts with a comment and check some of the pics below for a few celeb marriages that didn't work out so well.


LaBellaBoss ❤

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7 thoughts on “Either You Do Or You Don’t

  1. Good post!I feel like marriage is something that has been taking for granted. Marriage isn't important to me, I feel like it's just for show. Now a days people rush into a relationship just to get some likes on Facebook. I feel like its just a title….maybe it's just me…..


  2. Thank you! But I have to agree. Marriage is SUPPOSED to be about something special and worthwhile, but really these days we don't know about that selfless unconditional love. One something goes wrong or things get a little difficult we are quick to leave the relationship. I think the way society has changed over time (becoming more liberal) and the increase in technology changed relationships too. Technology has really taken alot out of dating and courting and getting to know someone b/c nowadays all we do is tweet, facebook chat and text. But that's another topic for another post lol! thanks for your response 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed reading this because it does seem like people's values and ideas about marriage have drastically changed. I personally believe that marriages can be GREAT if done the right way. So many times people dont get a chance to live for themselves before saying I do. If we would take time to learn who we are as individuals, we would be better equipped to find the "one." I've seen enough failed marriages to know what not to do and I hope when the time is right, I will be able to spend my life with someone that I love, who is also my friend and partner in every way!!!!


  4. I agree Danielle. I think people forget about loving themselves first and focusing on the "Self" before trying to seek the "one". I also think that we spend too much time trying to make something work in fear of moving on… so we end up wasting time on the wrong person and sometimes never get to the right one or miss out on the right one. love and life definitely are not fair lol, I guess it's all about playing the hand that you are dealt well.


  5. I think we sometimes forget the most sacred reason of marriage. My boyfriend and I have chosen not to get married yet because we're not spiritually ready to make that promise to God. I agree that there is a great financial gain to marriage, especially in the military because we get paid when you're married and/or have children. I see situations everyday when get "contract" marriages just make more money and its sad and not mention illegal and could cost your entire military career. Just my two cent (:


  6. I personally am not RUNNING to the alter but I am walking at a steady pace. I think everyone's opinion onmarriage comes from personal life experience. For instance if you grew up in a house with 2 married parents you're more likely to want to get married yourself. But this theory doesn't always prove true. There may be some whose parents were split and they want to marry anyway. I agree with LaBella Boss that you should first marry to love and all else will fall in place. And I'm a firm believer that any marriage or relationship should keel God first in it so it has a better chance of surviving.


  7. Did anybody watch the royal wedding? Ha ha..the speaker defined marriage exactly by my standards..but id be writing a book should I repeat. Marriage isn't about the relationship being perfect, but reflecting Gods perfect love through each other. Marriage to me signifies finding a mate that you are so in love with and tolerant of their strength and weaknesses that when you become one under God..believing that he will help u to service and build one another. All other blessings will fall into place because you have refrained from sexual immorality and have agreed to be a help mate. Ppl marry for celebrity status nowadays ..for the ring..the name…but if its not meaningful and built on an emotional, spiritual foundation, there are gonna be indiscretions, heartache, lack of direction, and somebody gon end up broke. Lol


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