Battle of the Best

I'm not sure if anyone watches The Voice, but it has quickly become my favorite show! It comes on every night at 10 pm on NBC in case you want to catch it (sorry but it means you'll miss Toya lol). In a nutshell, on this show famous singers Cee Low Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton are all working together to find "The Voice".
The first two weeks of the show consisted of blind auditions where the judges had to turn their chairs away from the singers so they couldn't see their faces when performing. This helped them choose their singers based solely on talent and ability, rather than going by looks. The singers then picked their judge of preference depending on which ones turned their chairs around during the performance. If no judge turned their chair, then the singer was eliminated. Each judge had to pick a total of 8 singers a piece, which became their teams.
 Last night's episode began the second round called " The Battle". In this round, each judge had to pick two singers from their own teams to go head to head singing the same song in a boxing ring. Whoever was chosen remained on the team while the other was eliminated. The judges called upon different people to assist them with their teams. Cee Low happened to bring in Grammy award winning Monica to help him (SN: his team was my favorite last night!). He chose two of my favs Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson to compete against each other singing Pink's "Perfect" (Love this song!)… According to the judges, this was by far the toughest battle of the night and they felt like Cee Low made a dumb choice by putting these two together.
Watch the video below of them going head to head, and let us know who you think did better? I thought both were impeccable, but I personally would've chosen Vicci as well… however she was my favorite from the very first episode so I guess I'm biased! Will you be watching next Tuesday??
LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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