Miss Thang Is Still Standing

*Sigh* These two just make my heart melt… lol I am such a hopeless romantic! ^_^ But anyway, as you know today is #throwbackthursday and since Monica was on The Voice this past Tuesday, I decided to do a post with all her old videos. Monica has ALWAYS been one of my favorite singers. I was a huge Brandy and Monica fan, especially during the whole "The Boy Is Mine" era. I loved watching as Monica got older because she was so wise beyond her years. Her personality is one that you can't help but love. She's been through so much in her life, but yet she NEVER has anything negative to say. I'm so glad that she is happy in love with that fine Shannon Brown, and she and the kids are doing well. I can't wait to see what the new album is like!
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the 90's because I expect all the singers nowadays to be as great as the ones back then, but it's just not happening.  I remember I had Monica's cassette tape for her The Boy Is Mine album. I would listen to it every single day… Thanks to Monica, Usher, and Brandy you couldn't tell me that I couldn't sing! LOL!  Check out some of Mo's throwback videos after the break
LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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