Lovers & Friends

Happy Tuesday!! I’m not sure how many people watch Mob Wives, but I LOVE this show!Forget Love & Hip Hop, Toya Carter, Basketball Wives… This show right here *Katt Williams voice* is RATCHET lol. If you’re not up on it yet, Mob Wives is a VH1 reality show just like Basketball Wives except this one centers around the lives of the women “married to the mob”. They are either daughters or wives of notorious mobsters, who mostly are all incarcerated. (SN: It comes on Sunday nights I THINK at 8 or 9 if you want to catch it.)
Anyway, I was tuned in on Sunday night and the issue at hand was that one of the girls named Drita ended up marrying another girl Karen’s ex after Karen had been dating him for seven years. Now Karen and her ex Lee first started dating in high school. They were supposedly going to get married and everything, but somehow Drita ended up messing with him and she was the one who ended up marrying Lee. Back in the day (mind you it was like 15 years since Karen dated Lee) Karen and Drita were really close friends. So in MY opinion, Drita was definitely wrong for dating Lee.
However, Karen had moved away and just recently moved back and she and Drita never got a chance to address the whole issue. Now that she is back in the area, Karen wanted to take it up with Drita to let her know she was wrong and try to get an apology. Welp if you know Drita, you know Drita is not having that lol. She wouldn’t apologize to Karen at all because she didn’t feel the need to. She felt like she came in the picture long after Karen and Lee broke up so it wasn’t like their breakup was her fault. Really though Drita??
I don’t know how other cliques operate when it comes to friends dating exes but this is the golden rule between me and my friends. There’s way too many fish in the sea for you to have to date one of your best friend’s exes. Some people say that it’s easy to fall for someone your friends used to date because you all are around each other a lot so you already know that person. I also realized that this is a bigger issue between females, whereas males don’t really care about their boys getting with their ex unless it was “wifey”. Even with that said, I know plenty of guys who have knocked down their homeboys old “wifey” regardless of how serious their past relationship was.
This leads me to ask the simple yet controversial question… Would you ever date or sleep with one of your best friends exes?? Like I said to me this is a definite way to ruin your friendship, but many people don’t think it’s that serious. Let us know what you think! Will you be tuned in to Mob Wives in the future?? And may I add that Lee is currently incarcerated so really who’s #winning Drita ^_^
LaBellaBoss ❤

One thought on “Lovers & Friends

  1. I think you should NEVER date a bestfriends ex, no matter what circumstances are. Its just something you dont do, and if you've been a victim of this then maybe you should question who you call your "bestfriend". -BabyBella<3


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