Who Run The World??

Beyonce’ premiered her new video for “Who Run The World (Girls)” during last night’s episode of American Idol. I didn’t get to catch it but this morning I made it a point to search the internet for the video since I believed it would be epic. I think I was one of the only people in the whole world who actually liked this song lol, but of course I love me some Bey! I loved this video, I felt like it was very creative and different and Bey brought it like she always does. BUT I don’t think it lived up to the hype like it should have. One thing I can’t stand is for an artist to hype up their work and keep pushing back the release date like it’s about to be the greatest thing of all time! I can’t understand why she hyped it up so much, but I’m pretty sure it was to give the song more buzz since it didn’t receive good reviews.
My favorite part of the video was near the beginning when she was dancing with the two guys in front of her. My favorite thing about Beyonce’ is how she gives her all when she’s dancing and in her performances. I also thought her holding the hyenas was pretty dope, like yeah we running ish and what! Lol I wasn’t fond of her on the cross at all, I didn’t feel like it tied in to the purpose of the song. But overall I enjoyed the video, I loved the fashion and the “boss chic” attitude they gave in the video. How did you feel about it?? Is Beyonce’ about to come back strong as usual or is she losing her touch?? Let us know!
LaBellaBoss ❤

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