No Expectations = No Disappointments

I was sitting in my car this morning listening to my local radio station (doing all I can not to walk in to my job LOL) when I heard an interview that was done a few days ago. I'm not sure if the guy they were talking to was a relationship expert or anything, but he said something that really stood out to me. He said that relationships between men and women struggle so much because we put too much expectations on each other. He then went on to say if women want someone who will be as emotional, caring, and gentle as themselves then they might as well get a woman. And if a man wants someone who will be laid back and nonchalant with little to no drama like themselves then they may as well be with a man. Why? Because women and men are nothing alike.

Now that may sound crazy, but I think he is 100% correct. Before ya'll get yours panties in a bunch lol, let me make clear in no way am I say we all should just jump up and convert our sexuality to same sex.  Not gonna happen over here. What I'm saying is, maybe we ARE expecting too much from our partners. Of course everyone wants their significant other (bf/gf, husband/wife, play thing of the week, etc) to be PERFECT. You can deny this all you want, but it's true. We want our partner to do absolutely everything we ask, exactly how we want it, and right then and there. We want them to jump the moon and come back down for us in 10 minutes. This is fine and dandy until they start expecting the same thing back, and what happens when you can't deliver as expected?

Carry On –>


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