Item Of The Day

Jessica Simpson Vadio Open Toe Pumps

Since this week's fashion post was centered around color blocking for the summer, I decided to do an item of the day post working with some type of color blocking scheme. These Jessica Simpson Vadio pumps have been etched in my brain since I first saw them! There was also another pump in this collection that was made slightly different, but that one has been sold out all over. I love the colors in this shoe! I chose to match those up with a dress that was the same fuschia as in the shoe. I tried finding a cute blue dress to add more color to the whole outfit, but I couldn't find one online that I liked. In case that I had, I would've paired that with a clutch that is one of the colors in the shoe. That way everything balances out and you're not looking like you just threw something together.
Since I paired this with a dress color that is already in the shoe, I decided to go with a blue clutch to add a different color other than what is already present. The blue pairs well with the other three colors in the shoe and with the dress when you're color blocking. Since the dress is the same color as part of the shoe, it gives you room to experiment more with colors without looking all over the place. I also wanted the jewelry accessories to be simple so they don't take the focus off the shoe. Check out the pieces that I put together for my outfit below, and let me know what you think!
LaBellaBoss ❤

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