Do You Stay Prepped for the Paps?

Modern day technology allows us to keep up with our favorite celebrities like never before with the use of blogs and social networks. Since I'm always up on my celebrity gossip, this is something that I've grown to love. But on the other hand it has also become a growing pain. If you pay attention to blogs and pics of celebrities taken by the paparazzi, they are usually always on point. I mean from head to toe celebrity women step out without a hair out of place. This makes me wonder how many women actually take time to put on makeup and dress up every morning?
Back when I was reading Steve Harvey's book Straight Talk No Chaser, I remember him saying something about single women needing to dress up every day in case someone else is looking better. He said that women always needed to look their best when they leave the house if they're single, in case they run into a man who is a potential candidate for a partner. If you're looking good then there's no chance that he will be more physically attracted to someone else over you (we all know men think with their eyes first). Now I can see where he's coming from, but he's saying we need to dress up and look decent every where we go. I'm the type that will run to the store with my hair still wrapped and in sweats if I feel like it. And let me just tell you it seems like I get more compliments when I look a mess than when I look decent lol. I'm all for looking good for myself or looking good for a date and what not, and for the most part I do put together an outfit everyday. But when it comes down to making myself up to look nice just for potential men to notice men then I'm good.
I do know that lots of women wear makeup and dress up on a day to day basis though. I've never really been into makeup at all, but I've gotten better about wearing eye liner and mascara here and there to spice things up. Anything else in the makeup department is a no go for me unless it's a pretty lipstick or lip gloss. I've also realized that my definition of dressing up is different from others'. I consider it to mean wearing heels, you know a date material type outfit. I'll pull those out every now and then if I'm feeling myself that day, but for the most part I like to keep it simple (until the weekend lol).
Do you feel like single women need to look up to par on a daily basis so they won't miss out on the opportunity to "catch a man"? Do you dress up or wear makeup on a daily basis? There are a few people that I know who do, and I find myself looking forward to seeing what they're gonna wear every day… I love seeing how different people take pieces of fashion and make them their own. Leave us your thoughts below and check out a few paparazzi pics of some of the hottest celebrity women looking their best after the break!
LaBellaBoss ❤

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