Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 5

Written Monday, June 6

Today was a great day!! I felt very productive! Very! I went to do some work for my internship and ran some very important errands but not before I cracked open my Strawberry Slim Fast Shake..ohh la la and in between all of the running I did I also drink my second Vanilla Slim Fast Shake. I went to the grocery store and picked up a pack of chicken tenderloins and some squash, zucchini, and brown rice. I was going to get it when I got home! But when I was putting up the stuff that bought, I noticed that I still had some hamburger meat that needed to be fixed before it went bad. I didn’t want to cook two meals at a time, but I did it anyway. I had all the right ingredients for baked spaghetti. Note: LaBellaBoss makes a GREAT baked spaghetti. But mine just so happened to be BETTER!!! 🙂 I made that and I had wheat noodles too, by the way! I also had jalapeno cheese and american cheese and pepperonis that I layered it with!!! WHEW!!! SMACK MY MAMA! But OF COURSE, I know, I know I could not have any. But I did taste it, and what? I made it lol. In the process of all that, I washed my chicken breast tenderloins, “lightly” seasoned it, folded up in the aluminum foil and baked it, at 350 degrees. In the process, I cut up the squash and zucchini, and put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small frying pan. I put the contents in it and I sauteed them and stirred, adding a pinch of pepper, a little bit of salt, and some spike seasoning! Yes indeed, I stirred until they were good and cooked and laid them to the side until my chicken was done. I decided to hold off on the rice, I didn’t really need it. Together, omg, that was so good and healthy! I bake chicken all the time though, but I never make squash and zucchini! Yall should get with this health kick. Some of this food, I eat, but cooking and adding my own little kick to it, I bring it!

Well afterwards, Dominique wanted to go play basketball, which was cool because I could go walk the track and play my tunes while he did so. So from about 4:30 to 7:30 I walked and walked and walked. That was so the peace of mind I needed. I was relaxed, I had pandora on, and I just let the sounds of the music move my hips as I power walked. It was soooo funny, for one, because I was dancing a little and probably singing TOO LOUD. I was praising God, Praying, grooving, clapping, moving my hips, ( I know it all sounds horrible, but i was switching between Genres) Get this though. Somebody called me right, and as I was walking around the court, some guy was like “You need to be calling me” and Dominique was on the other side of the court in his own world. I brushed it off, smiled, and attempted to make my next lap around, jamming. The second time I got to the court I was trying to make eye contact with my boo so I could blow him a kiss…but no dice! He was all up in that game! But ol’ boy was still on the sideline gesturing me to come here! I busted out laughing!! I wasn’t even looking all that( I didnt think so! But apparently!) Booty must be getting bigger or somen’ :). I lapped it around again! I guess Niques game ended, because he was on the sideline while i was coming around. He stopped me, “Aye girl, do I know you?” I batted my eyes, and looked him up and down and was like “Nah boo, I don’t think you do” He kept on trying to holler and ol boy from earlier says OUT LOUD!! “NAH BRO, THAT’S ME!” *passes out* Dominique turns around and says “Oh yeah? My bad dog, you got it” and laughed and walked back to the court, and before I could bust out laughing and SMACK Dominique at the same time, ANOTHER boy said, “Nawwww yo, that’s me, I been trying to get her attention,” and then Ol boy came running after me as I was RUNNING around the track to get away! Dominique is sooo trifling!! LOL. After asking me what i was doing there, and finding out that I came to exercise while my man was playing basketball he had the DUMBEST look on his face. I was like yeah, that’s my man. He was like “Ohhh, Im going to fall back then!” I heard Dominique say, “You didn’t stand a chance did you?” To him back on the court! MENNNNNNN!!! Sheesh! I swear, probably most like you other boss chics, I get a lot of attention when i feel I am not my best! Dudes crazy!

I was feeling myself, feeling my legs being worked out, my feet!? Ohhh my feet! Ok Yall are going to KILL ME, BASH ME, CRITICIZE ME, I TAKE IT!! I don’t own a pair of tennis shoes! I don’t!! This sounds so trifling of me too, but about a year ago, I wanted to go work out, and it was on a limb, and I wasn’t near any shoe stores, but a ROSS, and I went in and I couldnt find any shoes in my size except for a pair of *PAUSES TO SHAKE HEAD* Pink and White FUBU shoes for $16.00. I copped them knowing I wouldn’t see anybody I knew and worked out. After that, forgetting any morals about dieting and exercise that I had, I threw them THINGS AWAY(what?? Im picky) I havent had the urge to buy a pair of tennis shoes, because I don’t wear them and because I was not serious about my weight journey (OBVIOUSLY) and now that I am, I was missing some tennis shoes terribly. Well not really, I had on gladiator flip flops that wasn’t all the way flat. The ladies was hating on me, because I was not complaining about my feet, but one took the time to tell me how much I was going to pay for it later on in life! *Yeahhhh, but right now Youre in my way maam* NEXT!!! After walking, I was so energetic. I was able to go to my meeting that night, full of ideas, and full of optimism! MIAMI AIN’T TRYING TO SEE ME!!!
Playlist on Pandora: Donald Lawrence, Rick James, Kirk Franklin, R. Kelly, India Arie
YouTube: India Arie: “The Truth” Beyonce “Hello” The Dream “Fast Car”
Exercise: 3 hours of walking. 3 Productive Hours

A. BadBoss


2 thoughts on “Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 5

  1. Ok so you know better for lying to my readers about your baked spaghetti being better than mine! Lol but on to better things, I'm proud of you for sticking to your diet and eating healthy! I literally LOL'd at you and Dominique at the park, I swear I wonder about ya'll lol. SN: Fast Car by The Dream is my jam! You need to put you on a Beyonce' playlist and make up your own zumba moves for a good workout one day too. Anyway, I'm cheering for you doll!! 🙂


  2. Lol you do make a good one LaBellaB but mine was fireeeeeee !!! Girl the park was funny and a set up like a mugggg!!! I am glad I have so much support it means a lot


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