Basketball Wives’ Crucial Earring Game

I had more than one person hit me up to ask about the earrings Evelyn and Jennifer had on in Monday's episode of Basketball Wives. With a little research I was finally able to locate both pair! I couldn't find a picture of Jennifer in her earrings from that episode, but they were the brown and tan chain feather earrings. Evelyn wore gold butterfly earrings that had chains coming down from the butterfly. Both Evelyn and Jennifer have also been seen in POParazzi's Amburr hoops, so I decided to check the price on those as well. I've listed all three pair below so check them out to get the scoop on where you can find them and how much they cost!
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46 thoughts on “Basketball Wives’ Crucial Earring Game

  1. Thank you to the person who recommended J Triple L Wilkkerson. I found him/her on facebook, I'm waiting for my request to be excepted. Thanks again that was really nice of you.


  2. Ladies i received a pair of Poparazzi Earrings as seen on BBW and a pair of Spiked Earrings in from J Triple L. They rock. I found on facebook at J Triple L Wilkerson if anyone interested. They offer 3 different sizes, colors and will make to your order as well. I wanted to be different i got red and they're bad. But are very reasonable prices start at $15 & up.


  3. I dont know who posted the comment about poparazzi earrings (as seen on basketball wives)being and looking like knockoffs but I personally found them to look like the real thing. Id recommend jtriplel to anyone. I have bought a couple pairs from that specific site and the quality is great and I always get compliments on them. I have some spiked ones some poparazzi ones and some that are made with feathers that are not even on bbw. as a matter of fact Im waiting on a pair of custom made earrings that i just ordered from her a few days ago and i KNOW they gone be HOTTTT. I recommend to everyone. oh she also got a facebook jtriplel wilkerson and on there she has a lot more pics. hit her up she got GOOD prices too!


  4. I ordered Evelyn's butterfly earrings from her personal collection EAL and they are beautiful but be aware they are a bit heavy and that's the reason Evelyn's lobes hang so low. You definitely shouldn't wear them too much or you run the risk of ripping your ear.


  5. I always like to follow up when I find things thru blogs so people know about the experience to help the next person. I ordered from Poparazzi and my only complaint is that they were heavy. I saw that Sunniblake site on here and I ordered from them. They were cheaper than Popparazzi but about an inch smaller however they are so light I def prefer theirs they're still big enough that they can be seen.


  6. Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to try the ones by Sunniblake beccause my ears are already sensitive to heavy earrings. I can't wear big hoops for a long period of time or my earlobes will definitely be sore!


  7. Hello Ladies! J Triple L has your Poparazzi Earring, Mesh Ball Earrings and Swarovski Earrings inspired by Basketball Wives on Sale at Also visit J Triple L Wilkerson on facebook for more selections in styles, colors and sizes. We do special order as well. Thank you. P. S. Don't forget about that special man in your life. J Triple L also offer something for him (metallic necklace) on facebook. All orders received within 3 days.


  8. I bought a few hot earrings from I love this boutique, they have alot of hottt earrings. They have a facebook page too that post most of their stuff, Check them out, they are legit


  9. Hello ladies can anyone please tell me where i can by the butterflies from to make my own butterfly earrings like Evelyn's on basketball wives. I've searched everywhere. Most sites don't have them or to expensive. Can anyone please help me?


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