Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 7

Written Wednesday, June 8

Today I feel a lot better!! Way Better! Not completely back to myself, but close enough. I ran out of Slim Fast!! I had a lot of errands to run too so there was no way for me to stop and re-up on my “work” :). Instead though, I drank 4 Bottles of water, ate almonds, as I completed some intern work. I met up with the lady at Barnes & Noble, for a fashion show venue. It’s going to be nice, and I’ll give you more info on that LATER. After hours there, I ran some more errands and close to the evening, I stopped at the store to buy some chicken legs. I re-upped on my slim fast, but decided to hold off until the next morning for breakfast. I got home and I was pooped. All work, and no play. That has to be some calories burned up there, right?

I realized today, that all I eat is chicken. (No I KNEW THIS A LONG TIME AGO) But, I mean really! Besides the junk that I eat, all I eat is chicken. I don’t eat fish, except for shirimp and crab legs, and I only eat that rarely! I was running out of healthy things to eat, well the things that I like consists of the same things! I was going to have to spice it up quick before I got discouraged! I looked around, and suddenly I knew what to do.

I fried 4 pieces of chicken for Dominique, and then I made a pasta salad with the wheat noodles that I had. Except, I did it really different. Instead of the Italian dressing, I had some italian seasoning left over from a recipe that I NEVER tried! lol. I put that lightly over the noodles once cooked, and I sturred the rest of the noodles with a basil paste that I had. I cut up tomatoes and olives inside and then I sauteed my squash and zucchini and cut it up inside the pasta. I let the pasta cool in the fridge. Next I baked my chicken seasoning it with spike, some more of that basil that I had and pepper. I also opened up a can of Fresh Cut Green Beans and let them boil. Since everything was pretty much done before my chicken, I made Dominiques plate first. It looked delicious! I sprinkled parmesan cheese lightly over the pasta salad. I added salt and pepper to m green beans for flavoring. I wanted to try his, and he acted like it was the best thing since sliced bread! (I DO THIS!) I held out, because I couldnt wait to try mine, the remix. When it was time for my chicken to come out, it was so tender falling off the bone! I made my plate all fancy and pretty!! It was delicious. Greens, are very good for you! Remember that! I switched it up a little bit. Now I am unsure of how the pasta fits into my diet, but the squash, zucchini, and wheat noodles have to make up for something right??? RIGHT!

I didn’t do much exercise, but I was feeling good! I was feeling great! I also drink water with my meal!

Want to do what I did??? Great, it’s simple:

  1. Get you a pack of chicken legs. (I got it with the skin on)
  2. Wash the chicken legs really good.
  3. Preheat the oven at 350 Degrees.
  4. Season them with whatever seasoning floats your boat. Lemon pepper is really good.
  5. I seasoned mine with Spike! and pepper and basil in a jar.
  6. I personally wrap my chicken up in aluminum foil, twice. That keeps the juices tightly secured so that it starts to marinate in its own juices.
  7. Place the chicken on a pan in an oven and let cook for about an hour and thirty. Or until tender like you like it.

Pasta Salad:

  • Get you wheat Pasta noodles. The crinkly kind, not the spaghetti kind!
  • Get a pack of Italian Seasoning. NOT THE ITALIAN DRESSING
  • Boil The Noodles, adding a pinch of salt for tenderness. Boil for 15 min, or until noodles are done.
  • Drain Noodles, Wash Noodles, Drain Noodles.
  • Add whatever veggies you like: Green Pepper, cucumber, tomato, asparagus. You Like it? Throw it in!
  • Get the Basil paste in a jar. Add about Two tablespoons and stir and coat the noodles in it. Do that until you like the flavor. Sprinkle Italian seasoning, lightly, and don’t use all of it. We are trying to be healthy after all.
  • Sprinkle Parmesan cheese lightly over the top if you like!
  • Let cool inside fridge, or if you like it the way it is go for it.

Green Beans: I prefer french cut or fresh cut when I make them. (That is, opening up the can and putting them in the pan)

  • Add salt, and pepper.
  • Keep on stove until nice and hot for you!

Whew! Now I need a drink!


A. BadBoss


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