Throwback Thursday “The Thong Song”

"Daddy, what's this??" ^_^

Now ya'll know you can't even front on "The Thong Song"! This was like THE song of the summer back in 2000 hands down. I must say I was heartbroken when Dru Hill broke up for those few years, but Sisqo brought it while he was solo. I loved this song, I was like 11 when it came out lol. Never wore a thong in my life, but the song made me dance! Every summer I went to the beach with my dad, and our bond was music. We always compared (and still do) which songs we thought were the hottest at the time. Back then "The Thong Song" was one, and the next year Sisqo followed up with yet another hit… "What They Really Want" with DMX.

"What They Really Want" was also a summer banger, hell I still bump this to date lol. The one thing I remember when I hear this is how my mom thought she was the business because DMX said her full name in the song IN ORDER… "Felecia, Dawn, Lashawn, Inez, and Alicia" My mom's name is Felecia Dawn, so it was actually pretty dope that he dropped her full name even if it wasn't really for her lol. I thought it was so cool how both of my parents liked the same types of music that I did despite the age difference. Music plays an important role to me in so many ways, and I can connect just about every song with a memory. Anyway, check out the video for The Thong Song" above, and "What They Really Want" below. Music Is Life.

LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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