Jagged Edge Is Back

I don't think I know a single soul on this Earth who listens to R&B but dislikes Jagged Edge! Back in the 90's R&B groups were majorly in, and Jagged Edge was amongst the hottest groups of the decade. They make that good old school love music that you just can't get enough of. And just when we thought male groups were dead and gone, they come back with another hit! They just dropped their new album "The Remedy" this past Tuesday June 21st which I plan to buy some time or another this weekend. You can check out the video for their new single  "Flow Through My Veins" above. I love how they still bring it soulfully with no gimmicks or anything extra. Do you think their comeback be successful??

Also check out the #ThrowbackThursday video for this week featuring none other than Jagged Edge. Since we're still doing the summer throwback every week, this one is nothing less than perfect! It dropped back in 2001, and it was definitely one of the summer anthems that year… Click below to see what it is!

LaBellaBoss ❤

SN: Jill Scott's new album "The Light of the Sun" dropped the same day as JE's… From what I hear, it's full of grown and sexy music with that Jill Scott twist! I'm definitely coppin that as well.

Carry On –>


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