It’s A Thin Line… B/t Friends & Associates

How often do we see certain women hanging with a specific crew and you wonder when they became friends? Or you see someone with a different clique in each of their facebook albums?? lol but I’m serious! One of the things that irritates me more than anything else, is when someone claims to be friends with every Ashley, Brittany, and Jennifer (the most general names I could think of lol). I can never understand how anyone can put trust in more than one group of friends, and I never will. If you ask me it’s in the way and it’s a certified way to keep drama in your life.

Think about it like this, if you’re constantly running with different crews, who will trust you? I’m thinking no one in their right mind would. For all we know you could be going back and forth between different friends, telling different things and putting everyone out there. It’s easy to repeat what you hear to someone that you hang with and think you can trust. So it’s easy to slip and tell Nicki from your weekend crew that Keisha from your main crew is cheating on her boyfriend with someone else. Then when Nicki tells the other people in her crew (people that you might not necessarily trust) and it gets out that Nicki told it, then guess who Keisha’s gonna be mad at? Yep it would be you because she’ll KNOW you put her business out there because you’re the only person she talks to that hangs with Nicki.
On top of that you could also be putting yourself out there by hanging with different people all the time. I know how quick we all are to say that someone isn’t our friend but just an associate, but really how thin is the line between associates and friends? If you try to make a point that someone is ONLY an associate, then stop carrying them like a friend. Far too often do I see women validating their reasons for hanging with a certain person by saying “they’re only an associate”. Yet at the same time, they tell this person their own business and they hang with this person regularly. No my dear, that is not an associate that is a friend. If you don’t want to give someone the friend title in your life, then don’t carry them as a friend! Point. Blank.
I had to learn the hard way that you honestly cannot trust everyone. As much as you like to believe that everyone is a friend and they have your best interest at heart, they don’t. Plain and simple. Women can be very vindictive and if you don’t associate yourself with REAL people who mean you well, then you will get screwed over time and time again in life. Believe it or not, people do have ulterior motives at times so be careful who you choose to spend your time and energy with. You never know which one of your “associates” could be trying to get your man, take your job, or bring you down just because. This leads me to ask are associates even necessary in life?? Let us know what you think!

3 thoughts on “It’s A Thin Line… B/t Friends & Associates

  1. I think that ppl with different crews are shit starters and troublemakers…the ones who have to jump around usually have to find theirselves before they can find the right friend or friends that mean well and that are wortht enough to keep around


  2. I agree with the previous post. If you're jumping from crew to crew you need to find yourself first. As far as associates, they can be helpful as far as networking and other things. So yea I would say necessary but not mandatory.


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