Behind the Music: Missy Elliott

Last night the new season of VH1's Behind the Music kicked off with a special on Missy Elliott. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Missy's since day one. Missy did major things in the music industry, as she was and still is one of the most innovative producers/artists out there. From the first time she stepped foot in the game with "Supa Dupa Fly" and all throughout her career, she has done the most diverse and creative concepts ever. I remember always waiting to see what her newest video would be like, or trying to decipher what her songs meant backwards lol. Not only were all her songs hits, but she is one of the reasons Aaliyah, Ciara, Monica and others' became so successful as she helped take their careers to the next level.
I watched the premiere last night and it was definitely one of the best I have seen thus far! To hear what Missy went through in her lifetime and to see where she is now, it's amazing. It's definitely inspiring. Just to name a few, for one she was sexually abused by one of her cousins almost daily as a young child. Her father was also abusive to her mother, and her mother is shown recalling how they had no running water because they had no bathroom in their home back then. She overcame all those obstacles and STILL made it. Even after her career, she found out she had Graves Disease which caused her to have rapid weight loss, changes in the appearance of her eyes, as well as other major symptoms. She went through so much to get where she is, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her. I love how she changed music and I can't wait for her to come back with some hits! She makes me proud to be from VA 🙂
Check below for the full episode of her Behind the Music to get the full story of her journey through life. It also covers the friendship between herself, Timberland, and Aaliyah and features stories from Mary J Blige, Missy's mother, Ciara, and more. It's a must see!
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One thought on “Behind the Music: Missy Elliott

  1. This by far has to be on my top "behind the music" episodes..Missy has brought a lot to the industry table. To know her background as well as her struggle to get in and then create her own lane is def inspiring! I was upset about the video for Raven's song, it's ridiculous coming from a woman w/ a voluptuous figure like myself..I'm so happy Puff gave her an opportunity that she deserved!ELISE


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