Positive Mondays!

Me & my little cousin Talea.. Hadn't seen her in almost 2 years!

Happy Monday!! I woke up feeling EXTREMELY positive today and rightfully so! First of all I woke up this morning! There are so many people in this world who will not see today, but I am here. I'm at my decent paying job, and even though I don't really CARE for it, there are so many people who have no job at all. Those same people also have children to feed, bills to pay, and need money to live on just like me. So I am blessed to be here another day and to have a good job!

Remember last weekend was my family reunion on my dad's side? Well this weekend I had a few family members from my mom's side to come in town that I hadn't seen in awhile. I LOVE FAMILY! There is never a dull moment, and this weekend was so much fun. We cooked out both Friday and Saturday, and my aunt cooked this delicious Sunday dinner. And on top of that everyone got along great, and had a good time just catching up and vibing to good music.
Carry On –>


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