Be The Change You Want To See!

Darius McMillan & Ronwyn Pritchett of FAME

I LIVE for seeing people doing positive things with their lives, especially when it comes to helping our youth. Not too often do you see young adults trying to make a difference, and even less often are they young men. I saw this in my local newspaper yesterday and couldn't help but to put out there what these young men are doing for the young boys in Richmond, VA.  
I went to high school with Ronwyn Pritchett, he graduated two years after me. He went on to play football at the University of Richmond when he graduated, but suffered an injury that ceased his football career. He launched a mentoring group called Future American Men of Excellence (FAME) which targets 8th grade boys at a local high school in Richmond. Ronwyn and 24 young men mentor 15-27 8th grade boys twice a week, hoping to help them make good decisions for their futures.

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