Throwback Thursday… It’s Murdaaa!

I can't think of one single person who was not a fan of Murda Inc back in the day! What?? They were the ish! I LOVED THEM! I sound like a crazy, deranged fan lol but I was reallyyyy big on them back then. When Ashanti first hit the scene she was like the only female artist to top Beyonce' with her debut album during that time. And I don't care what anyone says, Ja Rule was the man until his beef with 50 started. Charlie Baltimore was my personal favorite over Vita, because the movie she got her name from was one of the illest movies ever! (If you watch The Long Kiss Goodnight with Samuel L Jackson and Gina Davis, you'll see where Charlie originated #gangsta)… Not to mention Chucks' red hair was EVERYTHING lol. But don't get it twisted because Vita was my girl too! So for today's #throwbackthursday, I posted the video for "Down 4 You" above, which was a true summer jam back in 2002. This was a feel good song, and the video gave even more of a summer vibe.

Were you a fan of Murda Inc? Do you have any specific memories from this song? Let us know! You can also check below for some throwback pics of Murda Inc!

SN: I wish music was like it used to be! *sad face*


Carry On –>


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