Happy Monday :)

Happy Monday aka Positive Monday aka Money Making Money… #allat!! LOL man I barely made it this morning, I’m telling you! If I had points to call in to work, today would’ve been the day. I had a reallyyyyy nice weekend *bats eyes* so you know I did not want to come in at 7 am! My best friend Tia and I went out in Greensboro for her 23rd birthday Friday night (mind you, me and Tia used to be the queens of clubbing but this was our first time out in the Boro in almost a year!) My son also went with his dad Saturday so I had a free day to myself, and I must say it was well spent *bats eyes again* lol. Yesterday I spent the day at the lake which is becoming one of my favorite activities. Now I’m paying for it all by cramming in my homework all day that I should’ve did over the weekend #gofigure!
Anywho enough about my weekend since I can’t get it back… after a Mountain Dew and 9 hours at work I’m awake! Lol and to make the day even better, we had a contest at work where the person with the most improved wrap time/handle time for last week wins a prize. Well I had the most improved wrap time so I got a $25 walmart gift card and $25 gas card. On top of that I was in the top 5 for most improved handle times over all so guess what? Ya girl gets an hour lunch for the next week! #POW!!
If that’s not enough to convince you that positivity exists, then how about this. Last week my car failed inspection due to the need of new front tires. Now I had the money in my savings account but it’s for future purposes, so when I realized I would have to get new tires with my hard earned money I wasn’t happy at all. BUT then my lovely grandma steps on and decides she wants to take care of that for me… How sweet right?! You gotta love the people always dishing out helping hands. To top that off, I’ve been wanting to get my windows tinted since I first got my car, but I’ve been putting it off for months because I think of a hundred other ways to spend that money. Well I got a text from my daddy the other day asking if I wanted to get my windows tinted because he can get them done for free through his job. HA! I’m telling you I am winning today! Lol needless to say I’m full of energy at this point and feeling very positive! Not to mention this is the last week of the summer semester and only a test, a lab, and a power point are standing between me and my FINAL SEMESTER AT PHCC!! Isn’t God good 🙂 
Has anything positive happened to you today?? Leave a comment and let the rest of us in on it!
LaBellaBoss ❤

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