Charge It To My Head, Not My Heart

I was listening to my local radio station 102 Jamz this morning on my way to work, and every morning they have a section called "Girl Talk". I love listening to different radio shows and hearing other people's opinions on social and relationship issues. This morning the topic was something that I'm constantly debating with myself about as well as others. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks about this either! I have to ask you guys, when dealing with relationships is it better to go by your head or your heart??
Of course I can't just answer this simply, lol I can't only pick one. I think it's necessary to use both, depending on the actual situation. By only using the head instead of the heart , people can't really be happy or in love in my opinion. They would be constantly running from the relationship when the smallest problems arise. Those who think this way usually carry the mindstate that they need to get out before they get left or something goes wrong. Don't get me wrong, this group of people are usually the ones who are very headstrong and independent. But at the same time they usually find themselves single, yet steady saying they don't need a man/woman lol #justsayin.

Carry On –>


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