Kitty Couture

Don’t ask me how I found this because I honestly don’t know lol, but I was surfing google (my favorite hobby) and ran across a blog that did a feature on this new line of Hello Kitty shoes called Twenty10. I have been the biggest Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake fan since high school! I don’t know why I love such childish things lol, but I still do! I’ve strayed away from Strawberry Shortcake but I still love me some Hello Kitty, especially the accessories. Anywho, the collection was launched by Alain Malka and should premiere during 2011 holiday season and Spring 2012. The shoes are made for women of all ages, and are supposed to give a “luxury meets lifestyle” feel. I can’t wait to see what they types of shoes are designed for this line! In the pic above there’s a hint of what’s to come in the collection, and you can check out Hello Kitty Junkie for more sneak peeks. Also check out the actual website for Twenty10Footwear to get further details and specifics about the shoes.

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