All Work And No Play…

Happy Monday bosses and boss chics! It's the beginning of the week again, and even though we all hate it I'm here to hopefully make it a little easier. After working and studying for school all summer, I realized that I haven't had a vacation AT ALL in the past three months. Over the weekend I took my son Trey to visit my grandma in Chesapeake where we stayed from Friday to Sunday. It wasn't an all out getaway like the ones I dream about every night lol, but I really did have fun and it was so peaceful!

Carry On –>


2 thoughts on “All Work And No Play…

  1. So well deserved Shants! I even had 4 days off with NO to spend time with my cousin and dad..and of course catch up on some rest! We work so hard to prepare our future and we are on the right track!Elise


  2. Sometimes days off with no plans are the best! I got to catch up on my sleep finally! But the worst part of time off, is always the first day back lol. Luckily today wasn't too bad! Hope you enjoy your week Elise 🙂


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