Seeing Double

How can you not love Tia and Tamera though?? I grew up a big fan of Sister Sister, and looked up to Tia and Tamera Mowry all my life. They’re the epitome of young, empowering women and I love how they grew up in the industry but stayed true to their values and morals. With all the drama from part two of the Basketball Wives reunion tonight, I’m not sure if anyone caught Tia and Tamera’s reality show or not but I made sure not to miss it.
This has become one of my favorite shows on tv right now, and is by far my favorite reality show. It centers around Tamera’s wedding to her long time love, Adam Housley, as well as Tia’s first pregnancy with her husband Corey Hardrict. The show really enlightens viewers on the relationship these two sisters share, including the good and bad. They definitely have their moments where they don’t agree, but the love they have for one another is so evident.
Tia and Tamera are definitely goofy and down to earth! Tamera pulls a bridezilla on more than one occasion, while Tia struggles with incorporating her pregnancy into her daily life. They have a few disputes because Tamera feels that Tia hasn’t been there throughout her wedding dilemmas, while Tia argues that she’s pregnant which makes it difficult. They’re both going through a very dramatic, life changing period in life, and they have a difficult time making room for the other sister’s needs. Despite it all, you can tell that both women have their heads straight on their shoulders and have the other one’s best interest at heart. Not to mention each have supportive men by their sides… #winning! I sooo want them to win in life, just because they never let Hollywood change them!
If you’re not already a fan of the show, I suggest that everyone give it a try. They are super funny and real, and more than anything they’re NORMAL people with normal issues. The show comes on every Monday night at 9 PM on the Style Network. If a basic show like Basketball Wives can have record breaking numbers in viewers, then so can a reality show that shines a positive light on black women. On that note #ImOut.
LaBellaBoss ❤

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