Walk Like A Bawse

I am forever getting laid out via twitter and facebook for my lack of posts when it comes to men's style and fashion lol! Let me just tell ya'll, by NO means am I a fashion expert (especially when it comes to men). I just take what I know, what I like, and what I'd wear (or want my man to wear) and go from there. On that note, since the fall is quickly approaching I thought I would do a men's fashion post on boots for the season.
Most men that I know buy themselves a pair of Timberland's faithfully every year when it gets cold and they just leave it at that. Let me be clear that I LOVE seeing a man in Tim's. Idk it's just something about them that screams rough around the edges which is just my type *le sigh* lol. However, I really think men need to switch up their style in order to seperate themselves from the rest. So below I've listed a few pair of boots that I think are HOT and doesn't take away from a man's masculinity. Let me know what you guys think!!
LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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