ALDO’s Fawley Pumps + Look of the Day

#ICanHonestlySay that I am addicted to shoes!! If there was an intervention class for the love of shoes I would so need to be there! Remember I said before that I always shop shoes first and clothes later? Well any time I'm putting together an outfit, I always start with the shoes. I'm referring to the days that I actually care about what I'm wearing, not jeans and flip flop days lol. I feel if you have a decent shoe collection, you can do anything with your wardrobe. With color blocking being in style now, there are so many options for ways to switch up outfits with the same pair of shoes.
On that note, any time I do a blog post on fashion I will almost always start with the shoe. Unless of course there is a piece of clothing that REALLY grabs my attention. I'm very simplistic with my style of clothes, but my shoes and accessories make the clothing stand out. The shoe for today is the ALDO's Fawley Pump in navy which I paired with a stone colored kimono sleeved knit dress from ASOS. I also paired these with a mustard chain pocketbook from TopShop to top off the whole look. I would wear gold jewelry with this outfit to bring out the colors and the gold chain in the purse. Check below to see what all three pieces look like and to get the price on them!
LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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