Throwback Thursday- RIP Baby Girl

I don't know a single soul on earth who grew up around Aaliyah's music and didn't love her. Why wouldn't you?? Today marks the ten year anniversary of the death of infamous singer/actress/dancer Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Aaliyah was MY absolute favorite singer before she died, I even cried when I got the news of her death. I remember watching 106 and Park that day, and everyone was just in shock and so sad. She was one of those people that you could look at and tell that she had a really good heart and genuine personality. Whenever you saw her in pictures or on tv, she was ALWAYS smiling.

She was beginning to get into movies as she had already finish Romeo Must Die (which you can catch at random times on BET). She also had a role in the Queen of the Damned. Her music was way before our time back then. If you listen to some of her old songs, you can see that they would definitely still be hits in this day and time. I really miss her music so much, and I miss seeing her refreshing spirit in the media.

I always wonder how R&B music would be if she were still alive?? She would definitely be running the business right now!! Check out my favorite video of hers above for "Try Again" and also check after the break below for pictures of Aaliyah before her untimely death.

R.I.P. Baby Girl, you are missed!! ♥


LaBellaBoss ❤

Carry On –>


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