Positive Monday- The Power In The Tongue

Throw your shades on for positive Monday because BOY do we have a lot to be thankful for today! First of all the trending topic on twitter this morning is #IHATEMondays… Seems like the rest of the world needs to get in on this #PositiveMondays vibe and get rid of that negative thinking! I live on the east coast, and I can’t see how anyone on this side of the nation could not be positive today.
We had the biggest earthquake in Virginia since the late 1800’s last week with minimal to no damage which is a major blessing. Mind you the earthquake measured at 5.8 and could be felt as far north as Toronto and Martha’s Vineyard and as far south as Atlanta, GA. Then in the same week here comes Irene ready to take the east coast by storm literally. While she did cause damage to North Carolina and parts of Virginia, she was not as bad as expected. According to weather reports, she was supposed to go straight through the city of New York which caused a state of emergency there as well as in other states. BUT by the grace of God, she died down to a tropical storm before she could cause any major turmoil.
The way the news was reporting Hurricane Irene, there could have been many lives lost and homes destroyed. However most people in the target areas only experienced flooding and loss of power. If that’s not a reason to be positive then I don’t know what is. On top of that I finally made it to church yesterday after missing two Sundays (I’m human) and it was so uplifting! What stood out most to me in yesterday’s message was that YOU have the power to speak things into existence in your life. The tongue is the most powerful part of your body. Whether you speak negatively or positively over your life could be the determining factor between something positive or negative actually happening!
Speak positively over your life, and positivity will come into existence!!

*throws shades on*

LaBellaBoss ♥

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