25 Days Of Lockdown

Well it looks like T.I. won’t be coming home for another 25 days. According to MissInfo, The Federal Bureau of Prisons didn’t like the form of transportion that Tip used to be transferred from Arkansas to the halfway house in Atlanta. Therefore they have ordered that he remain incarcerated until his full sentence is over on September 29th. However, they didn’t release any full details of what was wrong with his method of transportation, I’m assuming they were just mad. Here’s an official statement that was released by Tip’s lawyer regarding the matter: 
“The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) appears to have an issue with the circumstances surrounding TI’s transportation from Arkansas to Atlanta. T.I. got on a private bus in the prison’s parking area in full view of BOP employees. Indeed, he was actually escorted to the bus by a prison guard.”

What are your thoughts about this?? I just hope he stays focused and stays out of jail for good after he’s released again. 
LaBellaBoss ♥


One thought on “25 Days Of Lockdown

  1. He's mocking the penetentary system but it was his actions that put him there. My first thoughts is that he didn't learn humility nor humbleness this time either..so he'll be back!!


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