[New Video] “Can’t Get Enough”- J Cole ft Trey Songz

"Now I ain't got no kids yet, but this right here's for practice" ^_^
Who authorized my hubby J Cole to make a hit with my old flame Trey Songz and not invite me out for the video?? I'm insulted LOL! Anywho J Cole, who is gearing up for his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, released the new video for his single "Can't Get Enough" yesterday. The song is featuring Trey Songz and has a guest appearance at the end of the video from my wanna-be bff Rihanna.
First of all, I love this song and I love the metaphors he uses! A few weeks ago I tweeted how I hate for rappers to just throw a bunch of metaphors in a song that don't tie together, but that's never an issue with Mr. Cole. This song is about him meeting a girl and the loving is so good that they can't get enough of each other. Throughout the song he talks about the things this girl makes him want to do, and all the reasons people are telling this girl she shouldn't mess with him. Not once does he ever get off topic… he has metaphors for days!
I'm TOO excited about this upcoming album because I think J Cole can change the rap game. He's young, fly, and REAL. He's not out here just making music to come up like the rest of the young rappers are, so I have mad respect for him. And as much I hate the word swag, whew J Cole is just the epitome of that! #lovehim 🙂
SN: Shoutout to him for the variety of women he chose for the video!
The album will hit stores on September 27th… Will you be buying? Check out the video after the jump! #ColeWorld

Carry On –>


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