[Positive Monday] Memories Last A Lifetime

My mommy and I ❤

It's Monday again *weeps* lol I'm kidding! I actually don't even mind being up and at work today even though it was still dark outside when I got here O_0… For the first time in who knows how long, Trey was actually awake when I dropped him off at school this morning. He goes on to ask me "Mama why is it dark outside?" Lol! I tried to explain to him that when the seasons change it stays dark longer, but he didn't understand. Kids are too funny!
Speaking of my little man, unfortunately he's pretty much accident prone like his mama and is always getting hurt in some kind of way. (I'm hoping he'll grow out of this!!) I got a call from his teacher on Friday while I was at work saying that Trey had hurt his arm at school. He was apparently playing on the carpet sitting down, and one of his friends were running around and ran into his arm which caused his wrist and hand to bend backwards. I initially thought it was broken because his teacher said he wouldn't move it. After he kept complaining to her about it, I got off work and took him to the doctor. Him being the dramatic child that he is, had me carrying him into the doctor's office, then into the hospital where they had to do his xray. Luckily nothing was broken or fractured, but they gave him a wrist brace to wear for a few days. I can't help but thank God that it wasn't more serious! (God knows I can't deal with being his nurse for too long, I'm telling ya'll he is EXTREME when he's hurt!! LOL)

Carry On –>


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