This Little Game We Play

You know they say men and women alike love a chase, right? I have to agree in every way! I was thinking about this last night, and it hit me just how much we all love a good chase. How often do we find ourselves going after that one person who shows us the least interest? Now I'm not saying that we go for the worst possible people lol, but I do think we go for those that give us a chase rather than those who are readily available to us.

Think about it like this, if there are two guys/girls that you're into but one calls and texts you faithfully and the other does randomly but not all the time… which will you be into more? In this situation I'm not speaking of any serious relationships, but say you're just getting to know both. I can't speak for everyone else (and I may be backwards myself), but I would probably more interested in the person who I don't hear from as often. That person would just seem more intriguing to me, and personally I love a challenge. I'm not the type of person who wants someone who runs at my beck and call lol, so I do find myself "chasing thrills" more often than I should! I can honestly say most of the time I come out losing thinking like this, but hey at least I can be honest about it! Lol
Carry On –>


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