Transitioning to Natural

I think I've told you guys before that I've been calling myself going natural through the transition process. Well I wanted to do a blog to show everyone some of the different ways that I've been wearing my hair, in case there's anyone else out there on this transitional journey like myself. I haven't had a relaxer since the beginning of April so I'm six months into the process.
I started off doing my hair on my own; and since I began my transition when it started getting hot, I didn't wear my hair straight much at all. I got my hair flat ironed once during the summer and it was so long and pretty! But it didn't stand a chance in the heat AT ALL. I had tried going natural last year, but broke down after going to the beach and realizing I couldn't get the comb through my hair LOL! However this time I started watching youtube videos and searching online for everything I would need to keep this going.

I did my own hair throughout the summer, but last week I just couldn't take it anymore! I found someone who doesn't mind the thickness of my hair and she doesn't charge much at all. And when I say I have a massive amount of hair… well that's an understatement lol. 

I've learned if you're going natural, the best thing to do is embrace your NATURAL hair instead of trying to keep it straight. Your hair is two different textures when you're transitioning which causes breakage and split ends very easily. You need to find a good deep conditioner and maybe a leave in conditioner as well, to prevent future breakage and keep your locks strong. Instead of continuing to put heat to my hair, I've instead started trying transitional styles such as rods, curls, twist sets, etc. You can check out some of the styles I've tried below, and if you're thinking about going natural without the "big chop" you should check out videos on youtube to help get you started.
Maybe this will push some of you to join me 🙂
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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