[Throwback Thursday] How’s It Going Down

This is hands down one of my favorite hip hop songs of ALL time! Everyone who knows me well should know that I’m Faith Evans’ #1 fan (and I’m not exaggerating lol), and I love me some DMX as well. And if you don’t believe that I stan for Faith lets just say I’ve read her book at least four times, and I have every single one of her albums. And no I didn’t download her albums, I actually bought them. I went as far as buying her old albums on Amazon.com after realizing that I had lost two of them LOL. Yeah it’s bad smh.
For the #ThrowbackThursday video, I just had to post this! This song was just one that will never get old to me. I have it on my itunes as well as on some old mix cd’s. DMX is probably one of the best rappers of our time, but because of his criminal record he can’t be as big as he should. I think he’s back out of jail and supposedly working on new music, we can only hope that he gets it together this time! As for Faith, I haven’t heard much about her lately but around this time last year she was supposed to be gearing up for a reality show. I hope that happens so I can take my stanning into overdrive LOL jk 🙂
Where does this song take you back to? Leave a comment and let us know if this was your jam as much as it was/is mine!
SN: I love when rappers make love songs… We don’t get that as much as we used to, but there’s still a few around… Wale, J Cole, Lupe, Drake, etc. Can you think of any more?
LaBellaBoss ♥


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