BET Hip Hop Awards 2011

Now ya'll know it's only right that I do my commentary for the BET Hip Hop Awards from last night! I was all in the tv lol, I just love music! The hip hop awards are always one of my favorites, it's just something about seeing real men come together for one night, no beef or anything just all sharing a mutual love for the rap game.
First of all, they need to bring Mike Epps back as the host for next year because he was HILARIOUS lol. Can we get another Friday movie or a sequel to All About the Benjamins?? I'll be waiting 🙂 Anywho, Jeezy and Tip were the opening act of the night and I was sooo hype about that! I love me some Tip, and I've been rooting for him through it all. I can't wait to see what he has in store for the game (with his fine self) lol, and Jeezy will ALWAYS be one of the realest to me… I'm just wondering can we get that TM103 some time this year??
There were plenty of memorable moments for the night, but I'll just speak on some of my favorites. Of course everyone mainly watches the hip hop awards for the cyphers. I was like sitting on the edge of my seat each time a cypher came up, ready to see who would be next to kill it. Chris Brown did the damn thing!! He repped VA and made me so proud to be from here. Naturally I'm going to say Meek Mill slayed as well, I'm a huge fan of his anyway. Joe Budden is such an asshole, but in such a sly way that you can't help but love what he has to say. There were plenty of others that I liked, but there's way too many to name lol. I did however pick up on a new artist that I'm about to start keeping up with, Nitty Scott. She could flow her tail off, and you know I have to support the female movement. Watch out Nicki! Lastly I have to shoutout Em on the cypher! What?! Eminem is a crazy lyricist and I mean that both literally and figuratively. I've always been a fan!
Now for the performances where must I start? I loved MMG's performance, again I'm a huge Meek Mill and Wale fan. I do wish they would've put my girl Teedra up there singing a hook or something, so she could get a little shine. Big Sean's performance was pretty dope, he and Roscoe Dash both have an amazing amount of energy when performing. DMX and Swizz Beatz did their thing! I was waiting for Eve to come out for a Ruff Ryders reunion, but beggars can't be choosers lol. I really felt Lupe's performance, the band was hot and his words were beautiful as always. I think he's so underrated, and I hate when people criticize his music because his different without even giving him a listen. And I KNEW from jump that was Erykah up there singing, I could tell by the eyes. SHE SLAYED! Last but not least, we can NOT forget about Heavy D! I swear I didn't think he still had those moves in him lol. He better do it!
To be honest, I don't really care about who gets the actual awards at all, because to me if you're not getting a Grammy, the award is pretty insignificant *shrugs*. I did however love the fact that Busta won the award for "Best 16 Bars" because I've been rocking with him since I was little in the early 90's. I also appreciated LL Cool J's acceptance speech for his honorary award. I'm not even going to tell ya'll what my favorite part of the whole show was (beside the cyphers), you'll have to check the video out below! Also check out a few pics from the show as well. Leave a comment and let us know what you loved the most about the awards!
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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